Analytics for Code in Git

Jayanta Debnath
2 min readNov 23, 2020

Everything As A Code (XaaC) is the new norm of how we deliver modern applications.

With so much code there is a rising expectation around Observability around Developer Experience and enablement for the Agile Teams. There are multiple observability KPIs that a CTO / Product Owner would care about such as :

  1. Observability metrics from Jira
  • Story Points
  • Velocity
  • Sprint Burndown
  • Epic Burndown
  • …. Other Agile Program Management Metrics

2. Observability metrics from Deployment Toolchain

  • # of Deployments / Day / Hr etc.
  • # of Success / Failed deployments
  • #of Deployments passed SAST / DAST scans
  • # of Vulnerabilities found

3. Observability metrics from Git

  • # of Code commits
  • # of lines added towards new functionality / tech debt
  • # poorly written code
  • …. Others…

There is a growing expectation around the 3rd Pillar wherein the analytics is being drawn out of the Code within Git and this will quickly help align the a Product Owner with the correct GA / Launch / Feature Release of the product in a very timely fashion since the data is more accurate and clearly pulled out from Git.

I have been doing some research around the tools that are available in the market today that would address this problem and I found a few commercial run of the mill that I came across:

  1. Pluralsight Flow
  2. Waydev
  3. Codeclimate

Then there are a few OSS ones which probably does not have a fancy UI as the commercial ones but does provide the necessary insights as needed by an Engineering Leader.

The list is long but one of my personal favourites is Apache Kibble.

Screengrab/s from the Dashboards of Kibble are as below :

Ref :
Ref :

Feel free to check out the project and get involved and let me know your thoughts if you have come across any other OSS Git Analytics tools.